The Chaka Chaundh is a New Delhi-based online marketplace offering a unique selection of high-quality Wall posters, Wall Painting, Quotes frames, Canvas Art, & Wall Décor. We are constantly expanding our offerings based on the data of your demands.


We are Creative digital people who love to share the joy with the world. Our joy is the unique art prints and posters design. Chaka Chaundh is an ecosystem including artists, designers, customers, brands, and partners connecting through art, content, and commerce.

Our Artist work with passion to bring you the largest art, painting & posters collection. Whatever your interest, your décor style - Chaka Chaundh team have that piece you fall in love with.


It’s our Nature to Value the Creative Spirit. Each time you purchase a handmade product, you can feel that someone has put authentic and honest thought into it.

Besides the fine craftsmanship of our products, we make our customer's satisfaction top priority. We use modern print technology and premium quality recyclable paper/canvas to deliver you the best.

Our exclusive packaging keeps your frame snug, safe, and secure from the moment of purchase through to delivery.


We are proud to be growing and exploring in new ways every single day. ChakaChaundh was born in 2018, and in past 3 years we became a booming community of artists, designers and art lover, continuing our mission of bringing art into people's everyday life.

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